Vanguard Classic Compact Gas Fireplace System

Vanguard compact gas fireplace system is the smallest zero clearance fireplace system available!
Beautiful Heat Comes in Small Packages!

When space is limited the Compact Fireplace is perfect!

Vent-Free Gas Logs Are Money-Saving Efficiency, Unrivaled Beauty

With Vanguard vent-free gas logs, you get wood burning beauty without the hassles. And vent-free’s 99% heating efficiency can dramatically lower your energy bills!

Vent-free gas logs are safe, dependable and clean burning. There's no outside venting required...and they keep you cozy, even during power outages.

Vanguard Compact Fireplaces

(VMH10 Series)                                                                                                                                         (VMH26 Series)
Vanguard Compact
Single Burner Fireplaces

Vanguard Compact
Dual Burner Fireplaces

Important Heater Information

  • Installation must be done by qualified service persons.
  • Read Owner's Manual before using.
  • Not for use in recreational vehicles.
  • All products approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend product specifications without notice.
  • Use with adequate air (ventilation) only. Humidifies while it heats.
  • Provides water vapor in the area heated. Refer to owner's manual for specifics.
  • Heating areas based on rooms with 8" ceilings.
  • Operating heater at elevations above 4,500 ft. could cause nuisance outages.

Technical Tips

Replacement Parts

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