Vanguard vent-free gas logs are safe, dependable and clean burning. There’s no outside               venting required...and they keep you cozy, even during power outages.Vanguard Vent Free Flame-Max Vintage Oak Gas Logs

Vanguard's Flame-Max® Vent-Free Gas Log Series features beautiful log designs with dancing yellow flame presentations.

Vintage Oak logs include enhanced split and realistic charred areas. The single burner flame presentation is full and bold. The Vintage Oak has variable manual controls and is offered in 18" and 24" sizes. The unique multi-log one piece design makes installation easy and assures proper log placement on the burner.

Control Options

Variable Manually Controlled Models:
Allows the user to choose any heat setting and flame height they desire by simply turning a control knob.

Minimum Firebox Dimensions

Yellow Flame Models Front Width
Yellow Flame Models Rear Width
(At 13" Depth)

Vanguard Vintage Oak Variable Manually Controlled Models

ModelDescription Shipping
VYS18NB 18" Natural Gas Log Set
16,000 to 27,000 BTUs
27 lbs.
VYS18PB 18" Propane Log Set
16,000 to 27,000 BTUs
27 lbs.
VYS24NB 24" Natural Gas Log Set
16,000 to 31,500 BTUs
29 lbs.
VYS24PB 24" Propane Log Set
16,000 to 31,500 BTUs
29 lbs.

Accessories For Variable Speed Manual Controlled Log Sets

Description Shipping
GA6050 Flat Black Fireplace Hood 6 lbs.
GA6052 Polished Brass Fireplace Hood
6 lbs.
GA6053 Antique Brass Fireplace Hood
6 lbs.

Important Heater Information

  • Installation must be done by qualified service persons.
  • Read Owner's Manual before using.
  • Not for use in recreational vehicles.
  • All products approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend product specifications without notice.
  • Use with adequate air (ventilation) only. Humidifies while it heats.
  • Provides water vapor in the area heated. Refer to owner's manual for specifics.
  • Heating areas based on rooms with 8" ceilings.
  • Operating heater at elevations above 4,500 ft. could cause nuisance outages.

Technical Tips

Replacement Parts

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